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Team Minreeva has released our second batch of 'learning capsules' for Grades 1-6 students! Prepare to meet Carlito, Tammy, Hope, and Chelo and get ready to accompany them on their epic learning adventures. Join Carlito on a walk around the city to look for verbs. Help Hope pack away her toys and learn prepositions in the process. Explore the different verb tenses with the entire gang! There are more adventures that await you!

" One day, I want to honestly say, 'I made it' "


Minreeva aims to be the preferred learning technology solutions provider in the Philippines by 2017. Minreeva aims to put the Phillipines at the forefront of the global educational technology scene.


Minreeva provides free tools and resources to students, educators, and parents that will allow them maximize learning and teaching with the help of educational technology.

Minreeva creates cost-effective, innovative, and strategic all-in-one learning technologies and processes that provide learning professionals, organizations, and schools a competitive edge when it comes to employee/student education, training, learning, and development.

Minreeva also provides cost-effective, innovative, and strategic all-in-one learning technologies and processes that will help local schools and learning institutions implement e/m-learning strategies.


Minreeva aims to provide free/cost-effective and quality learning/education for Filipinos through the use technology.

What we do

Mobile Learning App

We create mobile apps that combine the aspects of a learning management system with computer and mobile-based learning. This will allow your participants to learn anywhere, anytime – not just by using a computer – but through a mobile device as well.

We design systems  for organizations and individuals who need the basic features of an LMS/LCMS such as creating learner profiles, assigning learning paths, uploading e-learning c ontent, creating assessments/surveys, and generating reports.

Our team can customize a learning management system that includes your branding. It can also be integrated with a current system, and can be further customized based on your organization’s current business, learning, and development processes.

Our team can also convert your ILT (instructor-led training) to interactive learning modules that can be accessed on both computers and mobile devices. Our creative learning team can make your online learning sessions more fun, interactive, and engaging.